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    Ultrafine 468 – A professional multi-stage air purification system featuring proprietary DFS technology, which traps and eliminates potentially harmful ultrafine particles in indoor air with better efficiency than a HEPA filter. The unit comes with a complete set of filters (1 of each).

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    Due to COVID-19 and the fact that we are currently supporting hospitals and schools, some orders take a little longer to ship. Thank you for your support and patience as we work together.

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    • 6-stage VOC adsorption filter for the heavy removal of harmful gases and odours
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    • Patented DFS technology effectively removes up to 99% of moulds, bacteria and viruses in the air passing through the system
    • Each machine is independently tested and certified to ensure better efficiency than HEPA
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    The only air purifier that eliminates all three indoor air contaminants.


    Ultrafine 468 is designed to neutralise particles, volatile organic compounds and micro-organisms, leaving only fresh, clean air. It is the only air filter in the world with this capability. How did our engineers manage to pack so much performance into such a user-friendly package? By streamlining the design and making the most of every inch. It’s something we call Total System Performance.

    • The top-quality EC motor translates into a reduction in operating costs of up to 50%
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    • Incredibly energy efficient, it uses only 5 watts per hour when running down
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    • The quietest air purifier of its kind, with the highest CFM noise level per decibel in its class
    • Less dense media filters cover the entire height of the machine for maximum airflow and filtration power
    • Lightweight, compact and portable construction
    • Designed for quick and easy maintenance and filter replacement
    • Sleek design that looks great in any room

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    Weight0.5 kg
    Dimensions27 × 30 × 77 cm
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